Giving life
to audio mockups.

Let's reinvent the way we consume music, and center
the artist at the heart of the attention with Lemone.

Lemone Presentation Site - Bringing Audio Models to Life

An extremely simplified interface, no images, no superfluous content, just music, in its purest sense. A reinvented ergonomics, all the projectors focused on the artist, without advertising, completely free, Lemone upsets the distribution of audio projects.

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The future of streaming.
A unique highlight.

The promise of a single artist for an entire audience, for 24 hours, before the piece is permanently removed from the platform. Sort of a monopoly of attention to broadcast a message that is heard for sure, without dilution in an infinite mass of publications per day. Rediscovering the way of consuming content with Lemone, in total disruption with traditional distribution methods.

Feel the sound, as it was thought in the studio

Designed for unlimited listening freedom, Lemone delivers high-definition sound, preserving clarity, emotion and sound palette, overcoming the stereo space reduction of MP3 and the overwhelming dynamics. Lemone supports lossless broadcast formats up to 22 KHz frequency for an incomparable listening experience.

Lemone Presentation Site - Bringing Audio Models to Life
  • An incomparable listening quality

    Lemone has been designed to support all audio formats supported by modern browsers (WAV, MP3, MP4, ADTS, FLAC...), including digital noiseless compression modes.

  • A new form of streaming

    Lemone is to be accepted as is, as a conceptual form of a deeper than ever immersion in the artist's universe. A unique vision of a new relationship with listening, without advertising, accessible to all.

  • A publication without constraint. An exceptional spontaneity.

    To make available the sound tests of each artist, in order to share the drafts that cannot be part of a homogeneous whole (EP, album...).

  • A non-profit project

    Testing the public's enthusiasm for musical experiments and color changes, discovering sound innovations and marvels of creativity, should never put sound behind money.

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